One of the crucial aspects of Healthy Vehicle functioning is its regular servicing. Be it a tire or engine periodic inspection, keeps them fit and gives extended life. It allows you a stress-free journey, good mileage, and economic advantage.

Though all the vehicles seek regular overall check-ups, Fleets with diesel engines need extra attention. Diesel engines require high combustion pressure. In the absence of spark plugs, it tends to get overheated and needs additional maintenance. With time, worn-out engine components also claim inspection for their smooth functioning.

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How to Know your Diesel Engine Needs Care?

Fault in diesel engine system shows some visible symptoms, that if serviced on time deliver an extended life to the vehicle.

  1. Increased Fuel Intake.
  2. Excessive Smoke.
  3. Reduced Performance.

These symptoms call for an immediate repair of the engine.

Tips for Diesel Engine Maintenance

  1. Keep the Engine Clean to prevent contamination in diesel oil, fuel, and air.
  2. Check Diesel’s Coolant regularly for its acid level. Acidic coolant can deteriorate other parts of the vehicle affecting its normal functioning.
  3. Make sure the vehicle has effective and non-contaminated air filters.
  4. Routine replacement of Fuel Filters is necessary for engine maintenance.
  5. Change the Diesel Engine Oil at regular intervals or as per the recommended time for the vehicle.

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