One-stop Fleets Assistance and Maintenance Service

An important part of your fleet chain management operations is keeping your fleets upbeat and on the road. This includes assuring that they are fit for the operations throughout the supply chain process. And here is where we help you with our end-to-end fleet assistance and maintenance services.

We have a well-assembled network of mechanics, repair experts, towing and heavy-duty wreckers, etc. And we make sure your fleet and equipment are repaired and recovered in the least possible time and in a well-managed manner. Our team of repair technicians has prominent experience in repairing and recovering trucks, trailers, chassis, RVs, wood chippers, coaches, heavy-duty engines, and diesel generators.

To keep you assisted throughout your fleet chain operations we offer a custom-designed array of services, which include:


Emergency Roadside Assistance

One of our core services is roadside assistance where our prompt teams deliver quick responses to your requests and brings our well-spread network of repair experts into the picture. Based on your requests we are capable of connecting you with the closest repair experts in your proximity. We can dispatch the repair team in real-time and can keep the driver engaged throughout the process.

As a promise to deliver quality assistance we eliminate the practice of temporary arrangements and instead deliver quick and dependable breakdown recovery services. Our roadside assistance experts exude the skillset and our trained such to deliver purely reliable repair solutions.

The key characteristics of our emergency roadside assistance services include:

• Prompt response
• Real-time assistance
• Dependable repair solutions
• Seamless management


Towing & Accident Management

Offering you total peace of mind, we take care of all your accident management processes in a seamless manner. We are backed by a reliable nationwide network of towing service providers who allow us to provide you with the quickest accident management solutions across the industry. Be it towing your fleet or the requirement of a heavy-duty wrecker, we got you covered.

With our towing & accident management services, we ensure that you do not have to wait too long for any assistance. Plus, we can do all the management ourselves keeping you aware of all the details in the process. This reduces your management hassle and allows you to focus on other important management processes.

The key characteristics of our towing & accident management services include:

• Huge nationwide towing service network
• No delay in assistance
• A seamless accident management process
• Coupled repair services


Scheduled Maintenance and Repair

Except for emergency assistance services, we offer you quality maintenance and repair services. You can easily schedule regular maintenance and oil change services, so your vehicles and equipment deliver efficient performance for your operations. Our customers save around 15% to 27% on scheduled maintenance services. Plus, it significantly improves your fleet’s service life along with delivering better efficiency on the road.

Along with maintenance, we offer on-request repair services. Whether you require minor tweaks, equipment repair, part replacements, or major vehicle repair services, our experts can help you. Moreover, our years of experience and skill set allow us to meet your custom repair requests with ease.

The key characteristics of our regular maintenance and repair services include:

• Quality-oriented services
• Cost-effective maintenance and repair
• Focused on increasing vehicle efficiency
• A comprehensive range of vehicle and equipment repair solutions


Complete Repair Process Management

While we offer a long array of emergency assistance and repair services, we help you save your efforts and energy on repair process management. We can handle the whole repair and recovery process for you by keeping you notified and updated across the entire process. You can enjoy authoritative transparency over the process while diverting your energy in more important management tasks.

We can gear up assistance, keep the driver engaged throughout the process, make the necessary payments, and even share the consolidated receipt with you. Further, we align our processes with your protocols and OE specifications, so you can easily file and get returns from your warranty claims.

The key characteristics of our repair process management services include:

• Well-managed and seamless management
• Transparent and well-informed decision making
• Coordinated with your protocols and processes
• Hassle-free management allowing total peace of mind

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