Tires are the most crucial component of a vehicle and undoubtedly the most overlooked one. Besides supporting vehicles, tires are the only vital part that comes in direct contact with the road. Critical functions of a vehicle like braking, steering, traction, changing direction, etc., are all controlled by tires.

DieselFleet Solutions, Texas, understands the importance of your fleets and equipment and ensures their repair and recovery in conformity with the Texas Tire Regulations. Along with the scheduled maintenance services, we offer on-request repair services also, as we aim to keep your fleet robust and sway the road.

Here are few tips on Tire Maintenance and to bestow an extended life and increased vehicle efficiency.

Maintenance of Tires

  • Check Tire Inflation

Properly inflated tires help in maintaining good gas mileage and give an extended tire life. Over or under-inflated tires affect tire performance, safety, and gas consumption.

  • Wheel Alignment

Every vehicle has specific wheel alignment settings. Alignment checking for the prescribed settings range is necessary to prevent uneven tire wear.

  • Rotate Tires

Rotating tires amplify their life and affect positively with increased performance. Rotate tires regularly according to the recommendations given in the vehicle’s manual. Usually, it’s considered to execute tire rotation between 5000 to 7000 miles.

  • Balance in Tires

Unbalanced tires contribute to swift tire wear and reduce life. Check tire balancing whenever tires get repaired, vibration noticed, or a new set of wheels fitted.

Be Watchful of Vehicle’s Tires

For the par excellence performance of tires, you must understand its vital features and the sticking points. Correct air pressure, balance, wheel alignment, and tread depth are imperative for highest order functioning. Monthly inspection of tires is advisable to avoid serious complications.

A regular check of tires on the prescribed parameters safeguards the vehicle and ensures your safety too. DieselFleet solution, Texas, is committed to providing high-end Tire Repair and Maintenance Services, are cost-effective and increases the efficiency of the vehicle.