Are you looking for first-rate truck repair services near you? At Diesel Fleet Solutions, Texas, we offer high-class repair services to your fleets and the equipment.

Besides providing long-lasting repair solutions to our customers, we deal in fixing all kinds of trucks and their big-small equipment,

Our skilled mechanics are 24 * 7 at assistance to deliver the best-ever truck repair services and hence ensure proper working of your vehicle.

Truck Repair Services 

Diesel Fleet Solution offers a wide range of regular maintenance to essential repair solutions for trucks and their equipment.

Let us discuss the significant areas of truck repair services near you efficiently delivered by our team:

Repair Truck Tire

Tires are the most crucial part and an eminent asset of any vehicle. In fact, they control the core critical functions. It keeps the fleets running on the road in adverse conditions. To conduct safety on varied terrains, they require frequent checks on wear and tear for their long life and smooth rides. Different tire conditions also make an indirect impact on the fuel consumption by the vehicle.

Diesel Fleet Solution, repairs truck tires for every minute to big problems, for example, tire inflation, wheel alignment, tire rotation, unbalanced tires, and much more. Our excellent repair program is crafted to suit tires of all sizes and types, thus adding life to the tires.

Apart from repair, we deliver high-end, cost-effective tire maintenance and emergency breakdown services round the clock.

Repair Truck Battery

The battery is a vital component of machinery used to run trucks. It provides the energy required to start the truck engine. The slightest problem in the battery can bring the fleet to a halt. Truck batteries are designed for high performance and a longer life span. They need more power as compared to batteries of other vehicles. Functioning and services of trucks decide the type of battery to use in it.

At DFS, we repair truck batteries keeping multiple factors in mind. It is a delivery truck, dump truck, or sleeper cab; the battery-type and repair process depends on the services. Not only this, additional accessories like liftgates and the weather conditions in which the truck works also have a principal role in deciding the battery type and its repair.

Repair Truck Bumper

The truck bumper’s prime function is to protect the engine, fuel kit, trunk, cooling system, and other machinery from damage. It also safeguards other pieces of equipment like headlights, taillights, and parking lights from harm.

Work vehicles like trucks are often used for heavy transportation and to pull or dump things. Their bumpers are thus heavy-duty ones, made from high-quality steel. Heavy-duty truck bumpers are durable and protect against collision.

The competent mechanics at Diesel Fleet offers quality solutions to repair truck bumper. Apart from repair, changing it with a custom bumper to impart durability is also a part of our services. Replacing old or broken bumpers with custom ones provides additional protection to the truck.

How Diesel Fleet serves you for Truck Repair Services?

At Diesel Fleet Solutions, we provide world-class truck repair and replacement services along with emergency breakdown assistance. Our highly efficient team makes the complete process seamless and smooth for you with total transparency. We use first-grade knowledge, high-quality material, and the best tools to give you premium services at the most economical rate.